Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another Weekend - Another Event

It was another weekend away for yet another event and I got to spend some more time with my amazing man!!:). This past weekend was a family event for Sesn so the two of us felt obligated to go back down to Jacksonville - for his family of course!:)

We got in late on Thursday night and still had time for Sean to fulfill his fantasy of being Paul Blart (but airport cop!)

We stayed the night with some family friends near the beach but because of allergies I couldn't sleep so - at the crack of dawn I strapped my shoes on and went down to the beach for some Picts and a run!

Because of my sinuses we ended up moving to another place close to the beach - but not as close as the first:(. But still great because nothing aggravated my nose!
That night we went downtown Jacksonville beach to an ocean front place we'd wanted to try where the chef does a pre-dinner tasting... It was pork rare with some kind of mango something or other.  Dad would be having a fit that I ate almost raw pork ... We'll see what happens....

Saturday we decided to just spend the day at the beach as we both just needed one day we weren't meeting family friends, cleaning a moms house or just plain old working... BEACH!!!

We did dinner early and went to see the new Mission Impossible... Maybe one thumb up and one thumb down?...

And Sunday morning we got up early to go to our Florida beach church The Chapel to hear a great message and see our peeps!

Oh - and be back by our Sawgrass beach!

We were on the road by 10 and headed to the navy base where his dad had worked after he retired.  Mr Gartland taught the equivalent of high school classes to sailors on the ships. Which I'm guessing was a pretty cool job and I think he thought that too!

We met Seans brothers and mom for a mass for his dad.  Funny thing is it ended up we got there too late for the mass but in time for the Protestant service!

We just sat through the service and then we headed over to the golf course on the base and ate at the restaurant there.  It was pretty good but even better just spending time with them all and learning more about his family!

That night we decided to take a little adventure and we headed to fernandina beach by Amelia island.  We ate at this fabulous place and then just walked around before heading back and finishing packing up some stuff.

Fried peach pie and donut bread pudding!  Southern yum!:)

Monday we got home to Chicago around 1 and I wanted to take the rest of my vacation day so we decided to beach it Illinois style...

It was cold water and of course the biting flies were all over!
But it was the beach!

And today... Wednesday!!!!
I'm headed back to Jacksonville for work!  It's an overnight trip and I'm with a female colleague of mine so - not as fun as Sean but not as tedious as traveling with my boss!  Somewhere in between!:)
But we're dining on the beach tonight for sure!!!!!

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