Thursday, August 6, 2015


Jocelyn and I had a pretty productive meeting with our sales team in Florida.  We got a lot done in a few hours and then they're really nice so they told us we should go and just enjoy the rest of the day!  And to top that, since we're staying at the beach they're like "we don't want you to come all the way back here so we'll just meet you out that way."  Yay!

We got to the hotel and checked in and I was texting Sean aswe walked up to the rooms.  I walked into the room and was putting my stuff down and looked on the desk and saw this basket and started texting Sean and saying Marriott left me a basket and he was like "what?  Wow!  Gold member" and then he kept on and finally something about it, I looked and saw that there was a paper attached.  Which I finally looked at it and - dog gone it if it wasn't from him!!!!!  Score for me and score for him!  Jocelyn was SO impressed with him and I was just SO overwhelmed that he always thinks of the most amazing little things!  Especially when I was missing him! 

Even though it made me sad because he wasn't with me, I took Jocelyn to our fave place, The Reef, for dinner and we sat out by the ocean.

But tonight I get to fly back home and tomorrow I get to see him again!  I'm thinking I'm having withdrawals!....

And next week I'm gone all week for an infection prevention intensive course.  Boo - miss him!  But hopefully I'll learn a lot!  New product line and new eduction so I'm where I was on my other product line!

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