Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm In Shock!

Weekend come and gone!  

Saturday, Sean and I had some fam and friends over to his place so could do a cook out and take the pontoon boat out. However, we all walked down to the dock where the pontoon is and it was - gone!  Turns out Sean had signed up to use it but some yahoos took off with it!  The guy who runs the association ran them down in his boat and told them to get their bobbing bottoms back to the dock becaue they hadn't signed up and were talking out spot.  We never did end up going out as its a little bit of a hike down to the dock and with mom and Uncle Raine it was just a little too much.  Made me sad becaue I was really looking forward to going out with everyone!

We ended up back at Seans place eating and playing games (of course becaue Pat and John were there!).  Seans good friends Dave and Kim came with their grand baby and when it came time for feeding they let mom have a turn with her!:)

Sunday, Sean and I hosted some of the Six Flags international student employees.  There were three students from the Dominican Repulic who came to church with us and then we took them out to lunch with us after.  Sean made me all super attracted to him by speaking Spanish with them.  One of the girls who didn't speak that much English and who just sat there kind of blandly, absolutely lit up when he started speaking and the others were laughing and just amazed at how good his Spanish is.... Comes from living in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries and I'm always impressed!

The afternoon I ran around doing some errands with Calvin who immediately came home and took a dip in his pool....

And then Sean came back and we went to our very first Ravinia concert of the season!  So sad that it's taken this long to get there!

It was Diana Krall who I have heard in ages but still love!
There's nothing like laying out under the trees, on a blanket, with someone awesome, listening to Diana Kralls smooth voice!

So I'm a little in shock this week.  Last week I was out of town for one night, felt ok.  This week I'm out of town the entire week for a conference.  It feels SO strange being gone early Monday morning until Friday night.  I'm looking forward to the education but it's so intense packing for a week!

After classes at 5 I went over to Germantown, this really quaint old section of town in Columbus, OH.  All this brick and the buildings were seriously lopsided!  Crazy!

My destination was an old bookshop that's supposed to be huge.  So - it was crazy big with 32 rooms if books, but I have to admit Portland and New York have bigger book stores!  But I still over did it and walked out with a copious amount of books!

I got back to my hotel around 6 tonight and I found this on my room desk:)

Isn't my BF amazing!  I called him and he said he figured since I was here for the week....
Now I have happy, pretty flowers all week in my room!

And the day is now ending. There's a Cuban place around the corner that I tend to go to while I'm here.  They're actual Cuban people who own it!  So yum!  I got fish tacos and - ahhh so good - tostones!

And now with my tummy full, my hands full of books and my head full of happy...
Night night!

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