Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend To Weekend - Birthday Blessings!

Wow!  Today is my birthday and I don't think I've ever been so loved and or appreciated!!!!

It started with this past Saturday, being taken to my favorite restaurant by my favorite person!:)

Sunday I got to go to church and then take an international student out - she's working at Six Flags this summer and this is the second time I've been able to bring her to chruch and lunch with me!

Monday morning I came into the office to be greeted with.

(Faith LOVES Michael!:)

Birthday donuts, birthday Mariano's gift cards! 

At lunch my work team took me out for sushi!

I got back and this was at my desk!

I've had emails, texts and shout outs in Facebook (of which I'm not even a member :)

And tonight Sean is coming over later!:)
I do indeed feel special today!

And actually my bday started on Friday when Kim got me a ticket to go to the Cubs game with them!

Where they actually WON!

And after we went to The Green Mill jazz club (where I got kicked out! Apparently you can bring outside food in but not a Starbucks to stay awake!:)

I spent the night at Kim's and then we went and had breakfast Mimosas at our fave place!

And last weekend!  I got taken out kayaking with my dog up in WI!  It's like a bday month!

And last Sunday my friend Sarah and I went to Ravinia and saw Star Trek v with the cso playing!  Awesome!:)

What an amazing birthday month and it makes me remember my amazing friends and all the people in my life who keep on loving me no matter what!

Thank you for birthday shout outs!  Gifts! Dinner!  Time!  I have awesome people in my life!!!!

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