Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sheeps Blood, Gee-Tars ... Feeling My Loss

This weekend and beginning of next week I'm in Nashville for a convention.  It's actually been a really great convention so far.  The vendor exhibits (that's is) are open from 10:30 until 1:30 and so far every day has been crazy busy!  A lot of great leads and interest.  Ed and I have out sales thing - I draw em in with intrigue and he finishes them off with a sales pitch.  

Sheeps blood!

That's how I get em in!  It's an amazing display actually!  Remind me sometime and I'll show you!:)

After the show yesterday, my neck was all tensed up from my travel adventures on Friday night and so I opted for a massage!  Amazing place that uses olive oil for their massages!  At first I felt like a rib roast, but then I actually relaxed into it and it was amazing - admittedly a little painful, she tortured my back for a while and told me to keep breathing - but u made it through and actually feel much better!

Then my cousin Isaiah picked me up and we did dinner together.  He's a foodie so he always knows where to go.  We are at a place on Germantown that was amazing!

My sadness during the day however came from the fact that my beloved IWO outreach for the international six flags students, the Welcome picnic was going in as I was demoing Sheeps blood removal:(. I was extremely sad and dejected not to be there - the first time in 7 years!  But at least I knew it was in the capable hands of the one person who shares my love of IWO.  Sean was there running things and it turned out to be a great welcome!  Next year though!!!!  I will not miss again!!!

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