Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Prayers Please!

Please continue to pray for Seans mom.  She has pulmonary artery disease so a bump she got on her leg about 6 months ago has turned into a pretty large wound.  She just doesn't have circulation for it to heal.

So today, at mayo in Jacksonville, they're going to do a procedure where they put artificial veins in her leg and then do a skin graph.  She's 93 but has a strong heart and is in great mental condition and as of Sunday she was doing impressively well.  However she still needs lots of prayer because anything could happen!

Please pray for the surgeons and for mrs Gartland and for healing!

It's the end of the day and I'm adding- I just found out she's ok!!!!! She made it through surgery and is complete with her leg and is ok!!!!! I have been SO emotional all day and now I have complete peace and relief because I know God had all this for a reason and He is good!  Even when things were bad to begin with - He's still good at the end! Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!

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