Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!

I decided that since Sean was down in Jacksonville one last weekend and that since it was Father's Day and since his mom was doing so awesome - I needed to do one more weekend visit.

So Friday afternoon I left the office a little earlier and I hopped on a flight to Jax!  It was supposed to land at 5:15, but thanks to storms over the airport, we circled for about 40 minutes, had to detour to savannah and land there and refuel, then get back in the air and finally land in Jacksonville at 8:15.  Ugh!  We got there so late that I wasn't able to stop over and see his mom who they had just moved over to the Jewish home. 

Instead we went home and took a dip in the pool and then headed to bed so we could get up in the morning and head over.  We picked up uncle Nels, mess gartlands brother and spent the afternoon at her new digs!

Sunday, Sean and I hit the beach church in sawgrass and then I took him out for breakfast for dads day and then we went over to take mrs Gartland to lunch and a concert.  

Overall the whole weekend gave us lots of extra time to just hang out with her and finish some more house packing up!

She's doing well - looks good - has a great appetite - doesn't yet like being where she is - but she's overall in good spirits!

And Sean had both daughters call him, a healthy and alive mom, and a good breakfast!  I think his dad's day was pretty enjoyable!

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