Monday, June 15, 2015

You Can Dress Him Up....

Back down in Jacksonville again.  I just came down for the weekend but Sean is staying through his mom's surgery on tuesday and leaving on Thursday, God willing everything goes ok.  

Spent some more time working on the house, some more time at the beach, some more time with his family...

And one night doing dinner at a beach restaurant that Sean took me too.  I know he's a beach boy, but I discovered that when he runs around all afternoon in "beach attire", he dresses up nice in the evening 

But the bottom half sometimes is lacking...

Yes, we got all dressed up for dinner and he dropped me off at the front to get our table.  They led me out to the deck and then a few minutes later Mr Sean joins me... Barefoot.  He forgot to put his shoes in the car, so now we have a new tradition we do every time we leave the house .... shoe check!

Sunday evening we went downtown jacksonville (which btw I discovered that jacksonville was named after Andrew Jackson!  Never knew!) Anyways, we went down to this place called The Landing where Sean hadn't been before and we walked around, and discovered why Sean hadn't been there.  It was not the most awesome place but now we can say we've been!

 Now I'm leaving him down there - don't like that - but we'll look forward to the next time we'll be down there again, God willing, with his mom at the beach!

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