Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'll Cut Your Face Out!

I thought that title would catch your attention:). It's rather Silence of the Lamb-sy!

18 years ago on a cold Feburary morning (I'm making that up because I really don't remember what it was like..), I walked into Carl DeMasi's office, VP of The Herbert Stanley Company, i interviewed for a job for about 2 hours (I do remember that!) and a day later, I was told that I had to take a test, but the results didn't matter because Carl wanted to hire me!

For a year in customer service I worked one on one with him.  I learned, I grew, I was forgiven many mistakes, and then one day he wanted to promote me.  

He's been the best "boss", an educator, a father figure and a friend.

And a month ago we were told that he was retiring!

In a few weeks were having a company goodbye party for him and part of the plan is apparently that were all going to greet him with his face!  So they ordered all these copies of his face and then had to cut them out.  And me being the amazing person that I am, volunteered to cut a stack of Carl's faces.... I don't think I ever dreamed when I interviewed 18 years ago that some day I'd be sitting cutting Carl's face!

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