Monday, January 4, 2016

Kicking And Screaming!

Tomorrow we go home...
I'm digging my heels in!  But Sean won't let me stay:(. Ok I'll be honest - Sean wants to stay too, but sometimes we just have to be adults.  Which is even sometimes sadder:(

So instead we enjoyed time with his mom today while we took her to an eye appointment and then lunch (and btw Pat, apparently all eye specialists take forever!  We were at the eye Drs office from 10 until 12:30!!!

We got back to the condo and then walked back to the pier in Jacksonville and paid $1 to walk on it.

And then we walked back and stopped at the place where Sean did his lifeguard training ... And he tried to save me!:). Or chase me... Can't tell which?...

And then we walked down the beach home, and Sean showed me his big mussel...

And then we had one more barbeque on the patio at his moms condo!

And watched the sun set over the ocean ... One last time..this time!

Another trip getting to know Sean, his Florida and his family just a little more!  And I love them all yet even more!

Goodnight Jacksonville!

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