Monday, January 11, 2016

The Making Of The Man I Really Like!

So I must admit, I was pretty honored over the New Years holiday in Florida as Sean shared places and people with me that have been a big part of his life.  Every little bit more that I learn about him or share with him, a teensy bit I'm sad because I didn't get to share those things with him, but probably more, it just makes me see a part of the whole person he's become.  Seeing the places he talks about fondly or the schools that educated him and helped make him the scholar he is today, or the friends who have been through a big journey with him and keep him going forward to God or the brother who's birthday he stole:). Every little bit I'm just amazed that I get to share it with him!  

There were his Gainesville years....
His schools and house 

His dad's work 

And then I finally got to see inside his Jacksonville house!  We've driven by outside so many times and even gotten chased out of the yard (another story:) and now I finally got to see the inside picture!

And his beach!  We even got to spend a few hours in the sun there and we both actually caught a few waves as it was stil an amazingly warm day!

It's funny how I forget the house and people and places that made me who I am.  They were there and now they're gone and every once in a while I have a fond memory and then pass by and move on.  But then you start looking at other peoples places and people and things and how all of that came together to make the person you see standing in front of you - who he is today.  And you start to think more about all the things that made you who you are - for good or for bad, they shaped you and you either sank or swam with the reality of those things.  

I'd like to say for the record - that Sean definitely swam!:).  Figuratively and in reality!
(That's Sean swimming if you can't tell!:)

Happy 2016!  Who knows where the year will take us!

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