Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fuzzy Little Calvin No More!

It was a big day for little Calvin!!! Two days before Thanksgiving he had a run in with a car, had major surgery and basically learned to walk again.

And that whole between then and now, he's only had one bath and the only grooming he had was the shaving they did to his back leg and where they put his iv in his front leg.  He looked a little like a poodle:)

So this morning we took off with little fuzzy head...

And came back this afternoon with a nice, clean shaved head!  He looks so good and smells even better!!!!

And then we enjoyed a nice walk at the dog park and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

Oh and I shouldn't forget the Petsmart run either!  Who can forget treats and greenies and pats on the head by strangers who think you're adorable!  I'm speaking for Calvin when I say he had a pretty terrific day!

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