Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fiesta Time!

Ok it's another episode of "guess where Alison is this week"!

So first of all, I'm headed to my destination and I stop at my favorite airport food, Frontera Grill.  I'm in line to order and there's this little rack with jellies and sauces you can buy.  I see "cherry" which I love and I pick it up... Sweet:)
They're Balaton cherries ... It's my Hungary!  Lake Balaton is the area where everyone spends summer.. And they grow all the grapes and such for wines.  And now I know they grow cherries there too!

And then I have a connecting flight and so at my stop I picked up a travel magazine and I'm flipping through and...
A whole article on Budapest and how it's up and coming with its transportation system.  So fun to read and see some of my favorite places getting due credit!

So now on to where I am.
I got in at about 10 pm or so last night.  I call Uber and he picks me up and we go zipping towards the downtown and as soon as we get off the highway to go to my hotel - BAM - complete standstill!  Tons of people walking, pushing baby strollers, kids holding and waving brightly lighted banners and little sticks with multi colored lights flashing, music pounding, horns being honked.  And then my Uber driver says, well you're just in time for the end of the parade.  What parade?  It's Fiesta week and it ends with a 9pm parade downtown.

We're inching along until all of a sudden we stop - and we don't move.  5,10, 15 minutes.  And then I finally look at my gps and I see the hotel isn't far so I tell him I'll just walk.  I get out and all these streets are baracaded and people are yelling and laughing and walking.  And I'm in the middle of the remnants of a tsunami of garbage!
They know how to Fiesta down here!

I woke up in the morning to clean streets and quiet, calm of the morning!
This might be the give away... But mornings here can be so peaceful, especially after the crazy evenings!

And my last share... The hotel im staying at has this beautiful courtyard - and a very sharp mascot!

So handsome!
Almost as handsome as ...
But not quite... :)

Good night from ...... !??!!!

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