Saturday, April 30, 2016

She Like Freaked Out!

So I'm in Minnesota again for the weekend.  I just dropped Sean off kn Spring Grove, MN for a family thing with his daughters and I'm headed back to Rochester but stopped at a coffee shop that I've seen advertised off the highway and have always wanted to try but it's too far off the highway so - I was passing by and stopped and have been sitting sipping coffee and reason my Bible and getting caught up on life.  And midway through a pair of teenage girls came in, sat down and counted out all their change, literally counted out change - too cute!  And went up and plopped it all down and are sharing a little meal and some frappe latte whatevers that teenage girls get.  And they're sitting their chatting like two teenage girls do and I can't help but laugh - but then had to cringe a little because I'm wondering if sometimes I sound like a teenage girl.  

Girl one "and Carrie was totally like "no way" and then Becky found out and she fah-reeked out!  And she was totally like so mad and then she totally like left the room and I was totally like whatever!
Girl two "no way!  Seriously so like ree-dick-u-lus!"
And then more fast talking with like and totally thrown in and I'm not really understanding it all - but it's like totally hilarious!:). And thus I end with my teenage girl/Alison impersonation!:)..:(

So the drive to Spring Grove was a little over an hour and beautiful but - Ahhh!  It's beautiful rolling hills and little rivers and green grass and bluffs and - all of a sudden you notice - no one lives here but this one person and maybe 15 minutes away another house.  

And as we drove we saw a bald eagle flying around - well he was picking at a dead animal carcass and I had to yell at him because he represents our country and it was very unregal and disgusting for a country mascot that he was eating a dead deer off the road.  C'mon!  We're all about hard work - go out and chase your dinner down like a real American eagle would do!  

Ah but then I realized this area is very very Norwegian - flags and ancestry research and all so - he's probably one of those carcass eating, unnoble Norwegian Eagles!  Disgusting!...

He was so ashamed - he flew away!

A dreary but awesome day to spend with friends and practically family:). I'm headed back to Melisssa now!!  

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