Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It's spring!

Time for green grass, budding trees, tulips, fairly nice weather...

New running shoes!

I had to buy two new pair to finally find the most amazing shoes!  It's like that Hans Christian Andresen story with the ballerina who put on the magic ballet slippers and couldn't stop dancing.  I'm like that ballerina... But I'm not a ballerina.  And my shoes are like ballet slippers, but they're actually running shoes!  And - okay, I'll stop, but you get the idea.  I seriously can't stop running!  I've been petering in my old shoes since I started up again this spring.  I get to a hill and my feet just wouldn't do it.  But these shoes are like magic!  I seriously don't even know im running up a hill!  Btw - did you know you're supposed to changed out your running shoes like every 250-300 miles!

Anyways, since I started buying Monterails, I pretty much say this every spring.  I had this pair that I got two pairs of a year or two ago because I loved them so much and thank goodness because they were discontinued!  

So I'm headed to my laptop to go back and buy another pair of these amazing, magic running shoes!  Besides they were on clearance which means, I get a deal - and they're probably headed to extinction so... Snatch them up while I can!

Magic shoes... Out!

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