Monday, May 9, 2016

Thanks For The Memories

This past weekend marked the last time I got to stay at single Kim's little city flat!  For almost three years I've been heading down every so often to do Friday night drinks and dinner with one of my besties and get my air mattress on!

But alas, Steve is taking Kim and her little apartment away from my Friday night possibilities and hijacking her!  No more Friday night drinks and sleep over!  No more blowing up the air mattress and listening to the sounds of the city outside her window!  No more sleeping and getting up late for breakfast somewhere in Edgewater, surrounded by Loyola studens and funky city dwellers.  Sigh... No more quothe the raven!:)

And breakfast didn't happen because I had to get back to the suburbs for a meeting with Sean.  So I packed up my backpack and left Kim sitting waiting for her moving help to come.  And as I closed the door and headed down the stairs, I had to turn and make one last memory of "old" life!

Bye Bye apartment 35!

And I then Ubered to Metropilis for one last cup o breve latte!  And then Ubered (it was raining otherwise I would have walked it all!) to my car on Norwood - the last Norwood street parking I'll be doing!

Back to he suburbs and our meeting and then a happy moment as the sun came it and Sean and I headed to the brand new Hansa that opened in Lake Bluff after much ado!

Coffee, a stop at Pasquesis to pick up all kinds of garden goodies.  And the Home Depot for mulch and weed killer because I was intent on killing all those little booger weeds growing by the house!

Got them all and mulch laid and went downstairs for something - and found a lake!  One of the sump pumps had gone out a the basement was pretty badly flooded so, Sean and I spent the weekend pulling carpet and throwing everything wet and moving things around.  Tonight I go back home and continue cleaning everything up.  It was needing to be done anyways but - I like to think this is mom's lasting Mother's Day gift!  

What a memorable weekend!

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