Friday, May 6, 2016

Herpes Anyone?

Last year we found this amazing promotional for our disinfectant product.  Since our disinfectant kills a laundry list of viruses, someone at work found these little stuffed plushies that are the shape of viruses.



And many others .... 
I personally love giving people herpes... But thats me!:)

We were running low on viruses and we have a couple of conferences and vendor exhibitions coming up so we ordered 500 of them and had to put our logo sticker on them all so it was decided we should have a stickering party!  

We ordered pizza!
We listened to music!
We stickered!
And we had microbe bag opening races where we talked smack and creamed each other in bag opening!  Which one would you be scared of in this picture?!

And by the time we finished 2 hours, 500 plushies later... 
Some of us were way more happy than others!

It's nice to have some people you really have fun working with!:)


Karl said...

Deadly virus plushies . . .why have I never seen one before?
I want a MRSA one please :)

Alison B said...

MRSA is on its way to you!