Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Last Day - I'll Just Give It Away

Ok I started this post yesterday but then I found out I have some brilliant secret readers!  Thank you for making yourself known:). I thought I had two loud and proud readers and a hidden one in a different country and that's all.  And I was ok with that!  But now it's nice knowing I write for a few others!

So my brilliant reader and friend has guessed correctly!  Or as they would say here "Si si señora!"

San Antonio, Texas!
Remember the Alamo.... No that's really a question.. Remember the Alamo?:)

And then the Riverwalk which I've actually discovered this trip runs way longer than just the Riverwalk area!
There's strolling guitarists!

Tex-Mex food!

And just overall beautiful weather!
But way too many people in the downtown tourist area!

Ok and a bad bird problem!  You sit on the Riverwalk to eat and this is what happens... The doof at the table next to you keeps on feeding the ducks so you have them sitting at your feet staring at you...

And then people walk away from their table and the pigeons attack it!

The conference just finished and I'm grabbing a bite and then headed to the airport to fly home.

A great conference this year!  I actually learned a lot.. A lot of great speakers and topics!  I think I definitely to home with more knowledge than I came with which is, let's face it, a very good thing!

Adios San Antonio!

Oh - and this post is in memory of my one faithful reader who never figured out how to actually comment on my blog itself but always commented in person!  My cousin Debbie!  It makes me so sad knowing I have one less, not only reader, but personal fan!  As of three weeks ago, we lost our family support and friend.  We miss her!

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