Monday, June 6, 2016

F. Scott What?!

Saturday was a busy but enjoyable day spent with many various friends!

We had a wedding in Lake Forest to attend.  The wedding was downtown and then the reception was out by their house.  We didn't spend all day and actually left before everyone started eating. Which just means that I'll have to try Urban Barbeque on my own!

And then we went downtown to our friends - I had to return some stuff that I was storing for Kim - because she's getting married next week!!!
We ended up spending a good portion of time helping her move and then chatting with Steve and her and then, because we were there so late, we ended up going out to dinner with them.  

So the super amazing thing that made my morning is that... The house we were at for the reception was across the street from this abandoned house that they were using for everyone to park at.  As were talking to someone - he tells us the significance of this abandoned house and I don't think I could have been more excited!!!

Creepy but so cool that possibly F Scott Fitzgerald walked through these doors at some point?

And I think my favorite thing that I learned is that F Scott Fitzgerald was told "poor boys shouldn't consider marrying rich girls"!  I wonder if Mr Rich Banker ever felt stupid anytime in his lifetime?:)

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