Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Friend Flora

I have known Flora for about 8 years now... I first met her her freshman year at University in Budapest.  This was us then...

This is us now - ok well a few years ago now but I think we look pretty much like this now!:)

She became a believer through the CRU program in Budapest and now works with the CRU program in Budapest!  It's the gift that keeps on giving!

She's now married to Atti...
(Warning this is what happens when you steal Alison's phone and put a selfie of yourself on it... It gets reused and resused:)
Ok I'll give you a more flattering picture from around the time they first got married.
Cute right?:)

Anyways - all this to say I've known Flora a long time ... I'm bringing it up now as they're staying with me this week while they do some support raising in the area. And we met up yesterday and talked for about 3 hours and they gave me this adorable picture collage with all these pictures that I didn't even remember!  So I had to look back in my pictures and, it just made me smile!:)

I've been not only in Budapest with her but all over the world!:). Almost:)...

Eating our way around Venice - I never noticed that we ate so much there!

And speaking of food, there was this year in Budapest that we drove out to Floras home town and her mom and dad cooked this huge Hungarian meal... Complete with the forced drinking of the Palinka!  Ok it wasn't forced but it was strongly encouraged:)!  It's this really strong alcohol that they drink before their meal and it supposedly helps to digest food.  They made it homemade so - it was STRONG:)

And then there's Floras excitement for their ministry there in Budapest.  

It's pretty cool to see a passion that started in her in high school years and that's just growing stronger now in her 20s.  And to see this passion trickle into other people and make them love God more and pass her faith along.

I love Flora!:). She's only gotten better with age!!! 

BTW - if you happen to want to donate to Atti and Floras ministry...

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