Saturday, June 4, 2016

Camping Catch Up

Last weekend we strapped our kayaks on the car and headed up to Door County for a weekend camping trip away from the world!

We drove up after a morning meeting and got on the ferry from the mainland to Washington Island!  It was actually pretty calm for a holiday weekend!

Ah the wonderful first site of the island!  The flags of the Norsk!

I took Sean by one of my old nanny day haunts... The Holiday Inn!  Melissa and I used to come here for breakfast - Irish oatmeal!  Yum!

We then headed over to the other dock to catch the Karfi, the ferry, to Rock Island.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Rock and then we grabbed a cart (courtesy of FORI - friends of rock island!) and loaded our camp gear in it and trucked over to our campsite.

We put our campsite together and then headed out in the spattering rain and started on a hike around the island.

Such messy trails, we felt the need to clean up a little!

And then after an exhausting hike, we found a shore and sat down for a nice little lunch of crackers and local smoked fish.

On the far side of the island there was a fishing settlement back in the 1800s... And so being said, a little cemetary.

We climbed down a bank to the water.

And then hiked back to our campsite, being welcomed by the amazing sun that had be alluding us all day!

We even thought it was sunny enough to take the kayaks out!

But ended up heading back with some rain clouds - where we made it to the 4:3 wood fetching:)

And wandered around the campground area and enjoyed the lake views!

Got back to the campsite and I HAD to have a cup of burner brewed coffee!

We roasted fish and potatos on the campfire and watch the sun set over our lake view!

Night came and we tucked into our sleeping bags by 9 - but had some amazing campsite neighbors who had a nice all night party...:(

Breakfast at the campsite!

And then kayaking out around Rock Island in the amazingly crystal clear water with the amazingly bright sun shining!!!

The long hike up to the lighthouse where we kayaked around to.  It's like 200 steps up or something and the lighthouse keepers used to have to bring water up from the lake that way!

The weekend ended on Monday and we loaded up our stuff on the Karfi to head home!

Such an amazing weekend of campfires, tents, no showers, hiking and kayaking!  And tons of time with Sean!  Good times!

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