Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Stuff On The Homefront

Mom was wanting a few changes and one of them that she was looking at was a new patio.  Mom's moving forward with project #1.... 

They started on Wednesday pulling up all the old pavers that dad had laid numerous years ago (can't even remember how long ago).  They had looked at the bricks and determined that they were actually still good so, to save some money, mom opted to keep the old bricks, clean them up and re-lay them.  Wednesday they pulled the all up and cleaned the off and then laid out the outline for the new patio.

They're also just re-laying the whole sidewalk area as well so they busted that up.  I'm really sad now, though, because I didn't think until I saw it gone --- Karl, our names our gone :(  Karl had written his name and mine and the date (1973?) at the very end of the sidewalk by the driveway and they chopped that up and threw it away..... So sad.....

They're putting a little sidewalk around the side as well and then there will be stairs from the end of the porch as well - which will be nice because I know I always tend to just jump off that way and I know other people do too so - how convenient for us all now.

I'm downtown today for work so I can't wait to see how much more they've progressed today.  I left home before they got there so I don't even know what they're doing today.  Oh - we're also having the garden on the side of the garage replanted as well as the side of the house.  I asked them to keep the climatis there just because those were dad's babies, he always did like them.  We'll see if they can salvage the and get them to start growing fuller.

I'll keep you all updated!

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Karl said...

looks like you've all been busy!