Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pitiful Pisa AND Lovely Lucca - Italy

On with the postings!  I'll get through Italy sooner or later!

I'm dedicating just a very teeny tiny portion to Pisa (ok, pretty large compared to Lucca where I found out I hadn't charged my camera battery the night before ... :(  )

DSCN8449 DSCN8452 DSCN8455

Do you see the family resemblance in these feet?????
DSCN8460 DSCN8461 DSCN8462 DSCN8464 DSCN8465 DSCN8467 DSCN8475 DSCN8479 DSCN8482 DSCN8483
Inside the Tower, there are window where you can look into the inside...
On the way up the stairs -- the well-worn stairs....
On the fourth tier.... we don't like to talk about this level anymore....

Looking down on the old town of Pisa.... this is inside the city walls.
DSCN8493 DSCN8497 IMG 0642 IMG 0657 IMG 0668

The bell at the very top tier...
IMG 0663
I thought it was amusing to see this statue as I saw it in Targu Mures, Romania and I was told it was original there, but I saw this one in Pisa and in a few other towns in Italy....  I have no clue what it means...
Walking towards the old walls of Lucca, just a short drive from Pisa.  Lovely lovely Lucca!  I would go here many more times....
Going into the city - this goes through the walls of the city and takes you to the old town.  Look up Lucca sometime - its a really amazing city!
Some of the last few pictures of Lucca before my camera died - and the sun went down....
DSCN8509 IMG 0679

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