Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ravello (Amalfi Coast) - Italy

This is going back to the day we were by Pompeii.  We flew in from Sardinia and then drove down to Pompeii, toured, and then drove about 30 minutes or so over to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast and spent the night in a great little bed and breakfast there with spectacular views!

 The cove where our bed and breakfast was hidden away.
 What a cost savings this would have been!  5 people and the major bags we had, though - that would have been THE adventure!
 The town square of Ravello at evening.

Ravello is know for its tile/pottery so we had to stop in a shop and buy buy buy!  We got some great serving dishes and tiles - beautiful!
 Prepare yourselves -- this is the view from our room in our bed and breakfast.  And this just wasn't any view from any old place in our room - this was a view in the bathroom -- IN THE SHOWER!  What heaven to stand in the shower and just gaze out at the view -- until the window fogged up :)
 The bed and breakfast was a renovated apartment and had updated flooring, but when they pulled a cabinet away from the wall they came on this tile - the original tile.  So, they pulled some up and sent it out and had the tile copied, hand painted, and laid it back all over the apartment -- beautiful!

 A little dark, but you can kind of see the room that Kim, Karen and I shared.  Melody and Brittany stayed in the second room next to us.  We had breakfast brought to our rooms and served to us on our balconies.

The door of the bed and breakfast apartment.

 Views walking our luggage down to our car.

 Back in town going to one of the famous gardens at a popular hotel (I believe Greta Garbo was married at the hotel).

I heard about this shop the night before and was determined to go.  You could be fitted for hand-made sandals that you designed.  I brought two pairs.

Walking towards the gardens at Villa Cimbrone - vineyards built into the side of the mountain.

 The hotel at Villa Cimbrone

I should insert - all the pictures of flowers I have in the following frames are all dedicated to dad :)

 Italian children - what could be cuter.....

 Amalfi is known for its Limoncello which is an extremely STRONG lemon liquor made from fresh lemons.

 I love this museum sculture garden right overlooking the coast - this one says to me that all these views and the beauty of this place - its like a dream its so wonderful!

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Karl said...

these pics are amazing. one day I hope to travel to Italy