Monday, August 13, 2012

Going Off Again!

Here's my crazy plan for Monday....

Friend Michele from Atlanta is coming to Chicago for her orientation for Campus Crusade organization (she's going to Budapest for 2 years - yay!) and so she needed to come in today, Monday, August 13th.

Me, Alison, needs to go to Orlando for a sales meeting for the week, today, Monday, August 13th.

Michele's flight gets in at 3:15 p.m.

Alison's flight leaves at 7 p.m.

Alison wants to see Michele and Michele is staying at Alison's house so Michele needs to get there so --

Alison drives to O'hare, parks, goes in, meets Michele.  Michele and Alison have "dinner" and then Alison brings Michele back out to car, puts Michele's bags in car and drives car back around to Departures, parks, gets bags out and then Michele takes car and zooms off.

It was actually win win - Michele gets car for the week and Alison doesn't have to pay parking for the week as Michele will pick Alison up.

Isn't that wild - but it so totally worked really really well!

That being said - yes, I'm in Orlando from Monday until Friday for a sales meeting with a new customer.  I'm doing two presentations for product and brainstormed about a 'hands-on" piece and then got elected to bring the product.  I was kind of cheap and didn't want to pay for next day shipping so I grabbed 12, 32 oz bottles of prepsray and about 30 surgical instruments, 10 plastic basins and about 100 metal plates - oh, can't forget the 25, 1.3 oz packets of detergent.  Yep - they're all in a 2nd bag that I checked in.  I was a little scared that they'd open it and wonder what the heck I was doing so I put all these notes in the bag that its for a medical sales meeting.  We'll see if they 1) don't flag my bag and allow it through.  2)handle it nicely enough that all my product doesn't explode... and thats about it - those are my two big requests.... :)

This past weekend I had organized a get-together event for some of the international students who are working at Six Flags this summer.  One of the local churches let us host the event at their place so we could use the gym and we had a bunch of volunteers came.  We didn't have half as many students as we thought we would, but the ones we had were so pleasant and thankful to be invited.  We talked and played some dodge ball and had a pretty good time.  We had some Chinese students and some from Macedonia.  It was kind of interesting learning about Macedonia.  Thats one of the things I enjoy every year working with the international students - learning about different countries.  The year before last we had some students from Azerbaijan.  This year, Macedonia and Dominican Republic.  Macedonia is the one I learned the most about - I really thought they would speak Greek but they get pretty huffy when you suggest that and they say they have no clue what the Greeks are saying - that their language is closer to Bulgarian.  Also - MACEDONIA IS NOT PART OF GREECE --- I THINK WE ARE STUPID FOR EVEN THINKING THAT!   :)  Thats always the funniest thing when you get the really small countries that act so put out when we ask questions as we have no clue.....  Ah well - at least now I know --- and now YOU do too! :)

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