Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Again Home Again

Its Friday in Orlando and I left the hotel early in hopes of getting an early flight out.  Early being - anything before my original 7:49 p.m. flight.  I got here around 7:30 a.m. hoping to maybe get on the 11 a.m. but its showing its full (even though last night at midnight there were around 7 seats :(().   I've been here for the sales meeting and then I was supposed to be working with someone today and that someone has cancelled last minute on me so I don't need to be here now.

The past few days have gone pretty well.  We've been preparing for this week since the beginning of the year.  I did some sales training for some reps and, I feel like we could have organized things better, but overall it did go well and we had a really good response.

There was an "awards" dinner that we had to attend on Wednesday evening for suppliers.  Its usually one we've gotten out of in the past, but I work with some newbies in this field and they didn't bail - so we went, and we had to sit through kind of a mini "graduation" ceremony.... well, it reminded me of a graduation.  Maybe there was one person you cared about but the rest of the time you just wanted to be somewhere else.  It lasted FOREVER and, I must admit, we ended up drinking a lot just because we were so bored and they kept refilling our wine glasses - probably to make sure we stayed:)  The hall was packed - there were probably about 500 circular tables out with about 15 places per table.  Crazy....

They tried to give us entertainment - I suppose it was ok.  There are these three guys they hired called "The Three Waiters".  Basically, from the start of the evening, they made us think there was the head of the waiters and then two other waiters.  The head waiter was supposed to be Italian and the one other waiter was French and the third waiter didn't pop up until later.  Turns out they were "singing" waiters :)  They were actually pretty good - but it started pretty tedious and painful - oh, and all of them were actually American :)

Well - keep your fingers crossed that I get out of here sooner than later!

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