Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update On Mom

Just an update that mom had her pacemaker put in last Thursday.  It went pretty well - apparently its tight in her heart area :)  They took a little bit longer putting the thing in but no problems.  Basically what it does is they have it set so that her heart won't drop below 60 beats a minute, but with that, her heart dr can regulate the "speeding up" with medication.  If he had done it before the pacemaker, the medication may have caused her heart rate to go so low that she would of had a stroke.

They kept her in overnight - it was the WI Heart Hospital which is wonderful!  Friendly staff and single rooms that are akin to the Ritz, along with a full menu that you can order from whenever you want.

This was mom right when they got her into her room.... pretty good spirits and only feeling a little pain.

This is her incision - right about her heart -- we have to change the bandages and clean it everyday.  Its looking good!  It might look bad in the picture - but it really does look good in real life! :)

Mom makes an appointment to go back up and get things checked out in 2 weeks so we'll keep you updated!

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Karl said...

Dear Mom . . . laying on her hospital bed after surgery with perfect hair. Thanks for the pics, but I would have settled for a description of the incision rather than an actual photo (laughing).