Thursday, November 1, 2012

Enjoying The Sun Of Phoenix...And My Sister's Son Of Phoenix

Two days in Phoenix made me jealous of all those people who are gutsy enough to walk around in 80 degree weather complaining how "chilly" it is.  Bleh.... Suck it up and come visit us in the Windy City!   It was perfectly wonderful weather, starting the day off at around 70 or 80 and then getting up to the 90s.  The sun was out, the weather was nice and dry the birds were happy to be out in the desert.  I'm sad to come back to 50 degrees and no sun, but I'm on the plane so its too late now...

What a happy event to get to my hotel and find that it was right next to a great trail that ran alongside the Phoenix canal.  I came in to the hotel around 4:30ish and jumped into my running clothes and hit the trail for a good 4 miles.  It was perfect running weather as it was warm, but without humidity, I barely broke a sweat.  The sun was on my back going and coming back, I went on a shaded side of the trail.

Then, after Yelping "Bikram" I found that there was a studio about 10 minutes from my hotel so I got up early and went over and caught a class before I headed out to my days appointments.  What an interesting Bikram studio and class this was.  First - the instructor was this older guy who wore glasses at the tip of his nose the whole class.  It wasn't until midway through class that I realized that the outfit he was wearing was supposed to be his Halloween costume.  I thought he just had some weird yoga thing going on.  He had this long toga cape thing with a belt over this short jumpsuit and he had this headband thing on with a big fake diamond in the middle of the headband.  The whole studio was kind of old and dirty looking, but at least it didn't smell too bad.  I found out probably why is because the instructor spent the whole class walking back and forth in the back opening doors, switching on fans, switching off the heat.  Literally, I think he has ADHD.  He walked around the whole class drinking and stepping on people's feet - it was the absolutely weirdest, worst class I've ever been to.  I didn't even break a sweat on this one so I don't feel like I got my good yoga stretches and poses on.  Too Sad.  Oh well - Phoenix studio 1 down, I'll try the other one next time.

After the day's appointments I got to go over to Jim's (aka James') house over in Tempe.  His first place - not a complete bachelor's pad, but pretty dog gone close.  He is his dad's son - he just reseeded his lawn... Its all about the lawn with the Lee men..... :)

I got to meet the girlfriend, Jamie, who was awesome.

Ok - thats not Jamie :)  But she is tall and thin -- just not prickly...

I also got to see Jim's office.  Very interesting and chilling with all the tiny little cubicles.... made me thankful that when I do go into the office, the cubes are pretty big and have high walls...

And now I'm on a flight headed back to 40 degrees and who knows what.  I enjoyed the sun while I could.

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