Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Week Starts

It was a pretty busy weekend and its headed into a pretty busy week.  

Friday, I met up with a group for my friend Kate's birthday (Kate's the one in the middle with the short reddish hair).  We ate Mexican and Laurie, the one at the end by me, even made little sangria jello shots.  They were actually pretty good. 

After the party, Kate threw out to me that maybe we could go see a movie on Saturday.  So - after doing some baking, cleaning the shed out, putting away all the lawn furniture, doing some raking and some laundry, I met Kate for an 7:20 pm movie (which we'll call 6:20 pm because it was daylight savings time :)).  We saw Argo and I think I may have peed my pants - I was so tense!  I was grabbing Kate's hand and we were both almost yelling.  Maybe its just Kate, but I don't think I've ever been so emotional during a movie!  Thanks Kate!....

Sunday was - well Sunday.

Monday I went into the office and worked on a bunch of stuff, snuck in a run and romp at the dog park before I had to head to church for a meeting.

Then Tuesday came.  I intentionally booked a flight a little later so I could take the dogs to the dog park and get over and "get the vote out" of me.  Its always crazy how the whole drive lined up to the voting place is crammed with signs until you get to the one sign that says "no ballot petitioning beyond this point" and then you're safe.  I don't do well with competitions of sorts so I'm choosing to just tune in later when they're actually making the call of who's winning.  I guess we'll see, won't we....

So as mentioned in my previous email, I'm now in San Francisco.  Well, technically, Millbrae.  I love it here!  Its like my home away from home :)  I almost always get put in the same room, I know all the restaurants and shops around here.  I landed around 4:30 and got over to the hotel quick enough to jump into my running shorts and shoes and taking a loop around my old running path.  I run up from the hotel and through this great little neighborhood and then loop back around and go down by a grocery store where I usually stop and grab something for dinner.  Its just the perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold.  I love the smells in the park, its fresh and theres a fresh woodchip scent on the path.  When you run through the neighborhoods there are all these little bungalow houses and there's this smell that reminds me of my Aunt June and Uncle Don's garage in the house in Zion.  Its not a bad smell, but its like an older, lived in smell.  I don't even know what it is, but it makes me happy :)  

Tonight, I actually ran over by the BART station before I hit the grocery store, ran up the 50 stairs to the top platform and bought a ticket for the week.  I love that I can take the train and just meet up with my reps.  Tomorrow I'm headed over by UCSF which is about a 30 minute train ride from Millbrae.  I usually take a swing by my beloved Cafe Roma first where I get my delicious Nutella Latte.  

It sounds like the 3 reps I'm working with for the next three days have packed my schedule out.  I'm hoping that we stay downtown tomorrow as there's a bikram studio that has like a 4:30 class that I'd like to catch before coming back out to Millbrae.  Hopefully either Wednesday or Thursday I'll get over to try the studio here.

Well - by tomorrow we'll know who won the election tonight..... Until then..... May the best man win :)

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