Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm In Love!!!!

Two weeks ago I had a little extra time to roam around the Internet and figured I check on the whole TSA precheck thing. You basically have to have a membership with an airline and then you go on with your airline and go to their TSA precheck section and register and then just wait. You don't get anything but they run your info and then one wonderful day you go to security with your boarding pass, they scan it and then wave you to the deserted aisle of dreams where only special people like me get to go:)

Today was my wonderful day and I've fallen in love!!!!! Literally 1 minute was what it took for me to get through security. I got to leave my shoes and coat on, leave my laptops in their bags, liquids in my purse.... I just put everything on the belt and walked through to a chorus of angels! It was wonderful! I've never gone through so quickly!

Unfortunately not every airport does the TSA precheck but I'm hoping it will be so easy at all the ones that do!

And now I'm standing in line to board my 4 hour 50 minute flight to San Fran (and no upgrade so I'm back with all the cattle...:(....). At least I stopped at Frontera Grill and have a Cubana to go - I'm going to be the one smelling up the flight with roasted pork! Ha! Po-o-ork-k (drooling:)

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