Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm at the Atlanta airport getting ready to fly home. I've been enjoying high temps of near 70 and lows around 40s. I enjoyed a 2 hour 30 minute drive back from Greenville with my windows opened soaking in sunshine and 64 and found myself bemoaning and dreading the perspective of stepping off the plane and having to remove my comfy flip flops that show my new pedicure in order to don my socks and boots to meet the cold.

Tomorrow its supposed to be below 20 at home. Why do I have to live in the Midwest? Really -that's an honest question... Taking answers....:(


Anonymous said...

You could always come live in Bangkok... ;-) It has even been really cool the past week. Into the 70s at night!! And one day it didn't even reach 90!
-rach :o)

Anonymous said...

I was actually flaunting your weather to my Greenville cousin today.... It's 4 degrees here and I told Shelley and she sent me the weather there -like 40.... So I was pulling up warm places I've been lately and Bangkok was one:). FYI - Carmen is really excited to see you guys!:)