Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I don't do new years resolutions.  I figure if I've not done it in the past year, I'm not bound to start just because the clock struck midnight and I'm writing a different date on my checks now.

However, sometimes, I like to start new little traditions and try to start each day or month or something in a new way.  Sometimes, its just to see how long I can make it and I have that little tenacious part of me that holds on and keeps going.

Okay, the "book every month and post it thing"  didn't really take off with me but for about 4 months.  My "write a 10 sentence story every Friday and post it" thing didn't work for a long time either (although that blog still does exist and every once in a blue moon calls my name - and then I act like I didn't hear it....).  But, on the other hand, this whole blog thing has lasted for quite a few years and although I'm not completely regular with it, there are consistent posts and it does boost my confidence in my persistence with some good things.

So - in spirit of the fact that I can keep myself doing things that are good - and especially when I have accountability (like people who comment on my blog every once and again or send me an email that tells me they're read my blog :))....  I give you.....


My good and faithful friend Kim has challenged me to a little consistent Bible reading that she is doing in tandem with me.  Its a reading program created by this Scottish guy in the early 1800s, Robert Murray M'Cheyne.  Its a daily Bible reading that takes you through the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year and all the rest of the Bible once.   Theres also a devotional book by D.A. Carson, a professor at Trinity right down the road from us, which is written to coordinate with the M'Cheyne reading plan.  

She sent me this gift/challenge on New Years eve and I said "ok" and then I proceeded to not read the next day.  And the next day since I was driving home from NC, I didn't have time to read, and then the next day I was - um .... lazy ... and Friday I was downtown working from 6 in the morning until about 4 in the afternoon and then I went to have dinner with Kim -- so its kind of her fault that I didn't read that day.  So today, Saturday, after everything else that I've done to catch up on life, I decided I needed to catch up on the reading so I've just read to chapter 5 in the books of Genesis, Ezra, Matthew and Acts.  PHEW!  Its like marathon Bible reading.  But I'm now officially caught up and I know I'll have other days that I skip and have to catch up on, but  I have Kim who is reading this and is asking me and is talking to me so - there's my accountability.  I'm determined to stick with is because I want to and because I know I need it because I want 2013 to be an awesome year with everything that I have going on and I know I need God to give me the awesomeness inside, even when I know the awesomeness isn't going to always be around me outside.

Here's to new years resolutions....
And to sticking to them because your friends are challenging you to do so.....

Thanks Kim!

-- by the way - if anyone knows how to get my stupid Iphone to catch me up with my reading and put me on the days I'm supposed to be on rather than 4 days ahead - I'm open to suggestions!

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