Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Day At Biltmore - Takes Longer Than A Day At The Pittock "Mansion"

This is my bro and my mom at the Pittock "Mansion" in Portland, Oregon (last year).  A nice fancy big house up on a nice big hill with some nice land around.

This is my friend Cathy in front of the Biltmore "House" in Asheville, NC.  A nice big mansion on a hill with some 100 acres around.

You tell me which family had a bigger ego.  I mean a house that they call a mansion or a mansion they call a house.  I think Pittock "Mansion" has some 15 rooms.  Biltmore "House" has about 250 rooms.  I guess we'll agree they're both beautiful, but completely different :)  Anyways - theres nothing like going through Biltmore at Christmas time.  I wanted to do the candlelight tour this year, but ended up with the regular day tour as everyone else in the group hadn't been (well I think one person had been once before).  Theres nothing like seeing the sun set from the amazing windows that look out over the mountains.

Sunday the group did a tour of the house.  We had "day" tickets but weren't assigned times until we got there at 2:30ish.  Our time wasn't until like 4:15 so we had time to roam around the gardens and have a little lunch under the heat lamps in the carriage house garden.  It was a great time to just hang out together and get to know each other.

In the greenhouse down from the house.

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Karl said...

All I know is - both houses are way more than I could ever afford!