Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Dear, Dear Abby

Well - the sad news of the day is that our dear, Dear Abby has passed away - or DIED as my brother likes to clearly distinguish...  No more advice, no more heart warming sentiments expressed by the queen of good intent, no more lovingly guiding parents through the slippery slope of parenting or the dating through the - slippery slope of dating.  Relationships - you just better work out because Abby's not there anymore to help you fix your hang ups and flaws.  I guess we're all on our own.....

But, I'll try to get all your minds off of this traumatic news by telling you about the excitingly full week that I've had, sans the death of Abigail Van-whatever.

So - Monday I worked.
Tuesday - I worked.
Wednesday - I worked.
I exaggerate.... :)

No - seriously - I was home on Monday and I worked, but I ran my hiney off.  I had to meet up with the contractor in the morning about the bathroom.  Then I had to run downtown to one of my accounts to pick some stuff up.  Then I had to run back towards the office, but stop at a company/customer and pick some stuff up from there.  Then I had to run to the office and have a meeting (well, thanks to another meeting in the morning it evoked a meeting so I technically wound up with two meetings).  Then I had to leave the office and run home and get mama and then we drove out to Lake Zurich to The Tile Shop to finish some paperwork for the tiles.  Then I had to run mom back home and drop mom off and then I had to jump back in the car and run to the church for a pr search committee/elder combo meeting.  Then I got to go back home and go to bed :)

Tuesday I did some running around in the morning and some office work and then I had to get a flight to Atlanta where I then had to drive down to Macon.  

Beautiful downtown Macon was where I spent a good portion of my day on Wednesday.  I was able to spend an hour at a coffee shop doing some work and then got in the car to start my drive back towards Atlanta.  I got about 40 minutes from Macon and I realized that I'd left my wallet at the coffee shop and so I had to turn around and go back and pick up my wallet and then start off again.  I got to Buford - yes I said Buford - the name of a town in Georgia where I met my dear nephew Justin and his wife Jenny for dinner.  We had a great few hours together and then I had to drive over to Kennesaw, GA.  

Thursday I met a local friend for coffee in the morning and then had a meeting in the afternoon over by a hospital in Marietta.  Worked at a coffee shop for about an hour and then - heres the exciting part....
I GOT TO TAKE A BIKRAM CLASS!!!!!!  Its been so long (I think like a month - I didn't think that I'd be able to pull it off - I thought I'd be rusty - NOT).  I was in a studio in Atlanta area before, but this was a different one in Marietta.  I walked in and that subtle smell of feet, just put a smile on my face!  Then I went to put my mat down in the room and the heat hit me and I think I might have giggled a little.  So happy!  I have to admit - I rocked it.  And this is not bragging, this is sad, but I was definitely the hottest (excuse the pun) one in the class.  It really wasn't a fair competition though as most everyone else was a little more than paunchy and a little worse for the wear, if you know what I mean.  I'm not used to that - usually - there are some skinny, blonde, tan women who can bend over backwards and touch the baseboards with their nose.  I usually get a moderate self-esteem boost.  Tonight - no one could hold a pose, people were panting, water was being guzzled.  And I must admit, I didn't really totally sweat through my clothes so it wasn't even that really hot.  I loved it!  It felt so great to stretch out and feel some drippage again!

Tomorrow I'm headed over to Greenville.  Spartanburg to be exact, for a meeting and then I get to pop over to my cuz, Shelley's house.  I even get to stay at my nephew's place!

Farewell, Abby.... on with my week.

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Karl said...

“Passed away” sounds like a euphemism that tried too hard. “Died” is more accurate.