Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Trip To Asheville

So about 4 months ago I didn't know what was going on for new years and I was tired of not doing any thing to ring in the new year so I got a group of friends together and decided we were going to spend the end of 2012 in the mountains in Asheville, NC, one of my favorite places.

I looked for about 3 weeks or so on-line for the perfect house, but being that it was about 4 months before new years, it was hard to find someplace that wasn't booked.  I had the specifics of wanting a place that I could possibly fit a lot of people as I wasn't sure how many would come, we wanted a HOT TUB!, and I wanted the possibility to bring Calvin.  Of course, the very last house I found was PERFECT and it was available and so I snapped it up and have been SOOOOO excited every since!

One by one my friends started dropping out :), but I did salvage some of them and am maybe scrounging up more because this place is too good to be true!  Cathy flew down and Ioana came from TN, her friend Becca is coming over tomorrow and my friends Dave and Leslie are coming from Atlanta tomorrow (those were all planned).  I'm actually trying to get my Greenville cousins to come for  new years eve - we'll see.... Its just amazing here and I'm definitely putting it on my list to come back to.

This is the house outside of Asheville in Fairview, NC.  Its a 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms and it has a big bunk room in the basement with like 4 bunk beds and a double bed.  Its on 15 acres with these trails, 3 stocked ponds (and fishing poles), hot tub, fire pit, its really remote but not too far from stuff (like in Italy where we were about 15 minutes from anything).  Its so quiet.  

As you can tell I did bring Cal and today he and I hiked for about an hour.  He's been awesome just exploring but staying close.  He was a great hiker and even found the trail when I had lost it so I ended up following him back to the house.  He was very careful to mark the trail along the way so we could find our way home :)

 This is the property blue print - the house is like a dot.  The property is huge.

Tomorrow we have more people coming and we're going to the Biltmore Estate tomorrow.

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Karl said...

Biltmore Estate probably doesn't hold a candle to the Pittock mansion (laughing)