Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Here - Thursday There...

So I got to the hotel last night around 2am and checked in quickly and with ease:). No crowds or lines. Got to the room, changed, brushed fuzzy teeth and then started turning out lights, but got stuck on the ceiling lights by the door. I flipped every visible switch and then switched them some more and then just stood in the middle of the room saying "I wanna go to bed - think like I light!". I ended up having to have someone come up and then led me to a little panel of switches on the wall on the far side if the bed as far away from the lights as you could possibly get. It was nice to assure myself that I wasn't so tired that I'd lost my mind!

The alarm was set for 7am and I only hit snooze once as I'd planned. Showered quick and didn't do much as I'm familiar with the humidity in Thailand. Went down to the freeby breakfast with bad coffee and weird things like Chinese dumplings and miso soup. Found the fruit and toast and felt filled enough to face the day. My friend met me at the hotel and we then trooped over to the Myanmar embassy with her little girl in tow. The embassy opened at 9 and we got there 8:30ish and faced a long line already. This tiny room area and people shoving to get in and get visas. I told Rach that I felt like we were trying to get the last flight out of Nam... Ahhh. Finally got up to the window, we had already prepared our applications and copies and pictures and all so they took our forms and then gave us a number. We sat and waited another 15 minutes and then our number was called and we went up and turned everything in and paid and were told to come back at 3:30 to pick our visas up.

We roamed around for the afternoon hitting the Starbucks for some decent coffee and then going to Rahab Bazaar to pick up jewelry. We were able to meet a lot of the women, but well be going back on Monday to finish things up and the English speaking lady will be there then so I'm hoping well get a little bit of a tour and talk about the outreach there.

We went back to the embassy at 3:30. The lines were even worse now, but when we finally got to the window I was impressed because our passports and visas were ready, no wait. I know in the states we would have taken a number and waited longer. I am horrified that they put my passport picture on the visa... The one I took looked like I had killed someone and was being sent away- ugh!

Tomorrow it's a rest day - yay!

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