Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Exotic Location

Did you guess my locale last night?  

I won't give it away yet, just in case you've not had a chance to play the game.

So - I have some friends in ........ and so I met up with them this morning for breakfast at this place called Katalins.  It was in this old gas station, very small, but kind of cute.  And the food was pretty interesting and tasted even better.  It was all even better with an adorable baby sitting right by me :)

I then had to jump in my tranport-o-mobile and transport myself across the state line to West Virginia -- or as people call it - West Virginie....  No, they seriously do.... But right before you get to the state line, you're still in the state of ---- (I think we're still guessing but if you don't know by now, you really want to brush up on your geography...) and apparently, didn't realize it, a one Mr Bob Evans is from some small podunky town in the state of ---- and they have where you can see the farmstead and the original restaurant where the dynasty was first begun.  They even have a local highway named after good old B.E.  You can't really see it, but trust me - this is the exit for the B.E. Homestead.

And then came the joyous moment where I crossed a bridge and came out in the wonderful West Virgin-ie!

I'm in Charleston, WV right now - where the capital of West Virginia is, as a little educational piece.  I'm "downtown" (its glamorous...) right across from the Charleston Mall.  I went across to the mall just to find the Starbucks and as I strolled around, I don't think I saw more than 15 people under 175 lbs.... I really tried.  I looked and looked and people are just a little bigger here.  But - they did all seem very nice.  They had these nice little southern accents and they were very polite.  I'll be interested in working at the hospital where I'm working tomorrow.  You can tell a lot about the community from the ammenities at the hospital (ie extra large wheelchairs, fatty foods in the cafeteria, etc).  We'll see.  

I will say that driving through the area, it was absolutely beautiful!  The sun was out and the hills/mountains were glowing and there were cows and horses grazing.... and then, as the comedian Kathleen Madigan says, after about 2 hours you begin to realize that you haven't seen a house or another car or another person for the past 100 so miles and you begin to get a little concerned...

But I'm here safe and sound and watching White Christmas on TBS.... My second time this year - can't beat Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby.... love it!

Theres supposed to be some type of snow storm tomorrow so we'll see what I wake up to.  It was in the 50s today here in Charleston....  Can it drop that much?  Don't answer that....

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