Monday, January 6, 2014



That's all I have to say!

It's freezing here!  My rep in MN said we were colder than they are -never happens!  Heck -they said the South Pole is -9 today... We've gotten to -18 ... And that's not with the wind chill factor which is putting it to like -40!

And to boot!!! My flight that I had to reschedule from last week because it was cancelled.... I just received notice that its been cancelled until Wednesday!  So I may be stupid but I've decided to drive it because I can't cancel on this account again - and I've got 4 other appointments booked. 

I'm cold and I'm already tired and - I need a nice holiday break...
Wait - I think I just had one???!!!!


And by the way - Stories is up for Monday!!! Think warm - no - think HOT!:)

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