Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Girl Named Shopping

Yes -I've been waaaayyyy negligent of my blog(s).  It only took me a week to go back on my word to keep current with Stories.  I'm bad - what can I say... But in my defense....:)

I've been in Sheboygan, WI; Edina, MN; San Francisco, CA; and a bunch of other places and work has been crazy!

BUT!  Today I'm headed out on vacation/work.  It all started as vacation and then I opened my mouth and says "hey if you need me to do anything", and of course they took me up on it.  I'm headed back to Beijing!  I originally was just going to hang with Julie and celebrate the Chinese New Year Beijing style - and now I'm also adding a day of work with our customer there.  I'm strangely ok with it as Julie and I get to stay at a Marriott there for two nights as its closer to the office.

And what's with the title.... Well - if you'll remember the last time I was there, I was in the Starbucks by Julie's and one of the baristas saw me reading my Bible and told me she was a Christian too... So I'm hoping to see the most wonderfully named (albeit a taken name) girl called Shopping!  She was awesome and so is her English name:)!

Off to China.... Hoping to sleep a little on the way!

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Karl said...

I'm okay with the title . . . but January 9th? Aren't you a little behind?