Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where? What?

There's so much to tell - in a dull, backwoods sense...

So, I just got the email this week from a hospital system that I've (yes I've) been working with as my rep for the corporate account switched positions after two meetings and then kind of left me carrying the ball as there's no new rep yet.  I've been running the meetings, arranging the trials, forming the initial relationships - not usually what a manufacturers rep does... But Ill do anything to get business.  Yes I use that proverbial phrase with the proverbial caution of "well, almost anything..."

So HSHS just told me this week that they gave the corporate order for all accounts to officially make the switch to my product from their current.  Great news - but with 13 accounts and me needing to soothe and caress each account its a long road to conversion.  A lot of info and meeting and trialing - and unfortunately HSHS tends to be all rural accounts and only in IL and WI.

While I'm up in MN, I'm hitting two accounts for them by Eau Claire, WI.  The first today was a 3 hour drive from Rochester and is in the teeny tiny town called Chippewa Falls. One of those small Midwest towns where everyone has the plastic deer contentedly grazing on their front lawns, there are warehouse sized American flags flying over every gas station (of which there are exactly two),  the little old men wear those ear flap hats and drive slowly downtown in their gigantic 1987 Buick Lasabres and - yes - where everybody know your name.... And if they don't currently know it, they learn it quickly!

We're headed over to Eau Claire after this - a teeny tiny bigger town.  Next week I'm headed Sheboygan and Green Bay way for those booming metropolis sized towns!  Heck - one even has its own football team! (I forget the name...:)

And - a good friend of mine asked me something driving related and when I looked dumbly at her she commented "well if anyone would know I figured it would be you because you've driven way more than I ever have!"  And then I thought - darn right!  I've driven more probably than anyone else on the planet -- well, within reason:). So I decided, as much as I can remember to - I'm tracking my miles this year.  Well - at least my big trips, not the day to day stuff. I have my tally already but Ill wait until Friday later to post it.  Probably not as shocking this week, but still more than just goin to the office!

BTW - It's getting warm out there!!! Break the flip flops out!

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Karl said...

Reminds me of Chippewa Falls on Woman Lake (different place) that our family used to spend Summer vacations. I think it's called something different now though.

Stay warm!