Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lawnshoeing On The Runway

It took all I could muster, but how could I not get up early on a Saturday when a few friends said "let's go snowshoeing!"  So get up I did, grabbed a local friend and headed downtown to meet up with a group of my city mice at Northerly Island.

Northerly is part of the Chicago Park district right by the museum campus and - turns out - its the site of Miegs Field -well, old Miegs Field.  The tower and the terminal building are still there - the terminal building is now the park district building.  

You can see the broken up runway down along the shoreline.  And then you can walk over by Adler.  The problem was that since its right on the lake, the wind was pretty wild and the snow is always less directly downtown so the snowshoeing was more lawshoeing as half the course was pavement, ice or just plain old sod!  It was still fun just because of everyone who was there!

The skyline is great from the park - and the beauty here -parking is only $1 an hour!!!! If you ever do any of the museums - park at the park!!!

And then we ended up back in Edgewater and eating sandwiches and pie at this place I've been wanting to try. By the time we left after a good long hang out, it was starting to snow again.  Ahh - stop the snow already!


Karl said...

cute pic of Calvin :)

Alison B said...

What about me?!
I'm sure you miss all this cold snow!