Saturday, February 1, 2014

Now Entering China

Through San Francisco, one hour to connect with no problems to my flight to Beijing.  Smooth flight, even slept a little which is an unreality for me - a whole row of 3 seats in economy plus just for me!  Yippee!

And now I'm sitting here as we descend, just looking around and doing some people watching with my cabin mates and I'm all of a sudden sad.  Every family on this flight is a mom, a dad and one child.  One teenager.  One baby.  One toddler.  Three people in every family.  You're only allowed one child.  They've started changing it but its too late for some people.  The young ones, if they both come from a family of one child, they can now have two children.  But otherwise.  Welcome to a family of 3 - mom, dad and one makes three.

And a moment ago I couldn't even open my shade because the sun was so bright.  We dropped and the reality of Beijing hit.... Is that fog?  Or just pollution?.... Hmmm....

Welcome to China....

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