Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

I slept SSSOOO well last night!  And now I've woken up to my first day in Chinese New Year!  Although last night when I get in at 4 you heard fireworks all over until late.  I've already been prepared that all week there will be fireworks all day and all night.  And so the remnants of fireworks all over the streets.  Supposedly it's not as massive as normal as the government technically forbid fireworks because the pollution has been so bad.  But what are rules of not to be broken!

This morning we went to church in the expat community.  It was communion Sunday which was pretty cool, as usual, when you get to worship and do communion with believers from literally all  over the world.  Australia, Switzerland, US... Since its a expat church, you have to have a special badge to go because its not a church Chinese nationals are allowed to go to.  It's not a government sanctioned church.  

Later today we might go for "monk food" - ill explain later :)

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