Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quick Saturday Post

Time has flown by and Ill be leaving tomorrow already.  I worked yesterday at our customer and Julie and I stayed at the Marriott by the old city wall for two nights.  Today Zach is making steaks and orange pie for us while Julie and I go get massages from blind people - yes, you heard me, blind people.  Julie says its the big thing in China because they think the blind people have such amazing sensory skills.  Ill expound on that after the experience.

On Wednesday we went with another family to the Hohai area by the forbidden city so that we could go through the old park and go on the hootongs.

These are hootongs:). It's called chair skating.  You sit on this chair and push yourself around with poles.  We ended up not going because there were millions of people on the ice and the ice was totally melting.  It was basically water on top of ice.  

The Forbidden City from the top of the park.  The hill in this park was apparently built up from the dirt that came out of the moat around the Forbidden City.

We then went out the back of the park and walked through all these little Chinese alleys to get to the Hootongs.

We stopped for some snacks along the way from some street vendors and sidewalk stands.

And here are some of my favorite signs from the day....

If you can't figure out what the sign means - dont ask me because I'm in the dark on that as well!:)

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