Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These Are - Well One - Of My Favorite Things!

Forget rain drops on roses and itchy whiskers on annoying little kittens!  The thing that makes me sing is - an empty seat by me on a 4 hour, 30 min flight!  Even more so when, seriously, EVERY other seat on the plane is filled!  I know there many jealous glares and sighs but - bite it other United flyers!!!!! I managed a 12 hour flight from Beijing jammed against a window with two non-English speaking Chinese people blocking me in for the long haul!

Besides the empty seat, the other days of my week have been good so far as well!   Actually got a lot accomplished and new business rolling over.  Spent Valentines Day with a friend forgetting it was Valentines Day!  Got to check something else off my bucket list over the weekend.  All is good.

Back to the office tomorrow.  Back to life.   Back to reality.  Back to the cold - although its not as cold as it could be!

And I get to take mom to see YoYoMa and Emanuel Ax for her 86th birthday on Friday.  Some of my friends are coming as well so we should have fun!

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Karl said...

been a while since you've written anything new . . .