Monday, February 3, 2014

Caffeine, IKEA and Fireworks

Good morning!  Nothing says morning in China like starting off with a cup of coffee at Wedome!  

Monday afternoon, Julie and some friends and I took a trek out to IKEA.  Julie says that the Beijing newspaper did a whole piece on how IKEA is a tourist destination.  There's a company that does a bus tour to IKEA and then people spend the day there.  They literally move in.  They sit in all the displays - watch tv, lay in the beds and nap, get food and bring it to the dining display areas and have family meals.  It was all true!  It was horrible there!  You couldn't even more it was so crowded.  Carts banging into you, you couldn't look at anything because people were using using everything.  

Naked baby butt being changed on a display bed...

All cuddled up under the covers....

See the guy napping in the corner - notice how the bedclothes are all rumpled and all... 

Phone conversation while curled up on a baby bed in the kids dept.   Nothing says relaxed like no shoes!

Today, Tuesday, is like the day of the money god or something like that for Chinese New Years.  We had heard this was supposed to be the big celebration day.  There are fireworks going off everywhere since like 7 this morning.  It's like gunshots going like crazy!

And then we hit the mall for coffee and snow pants because the kids are supposed to go skiing tonight.  There was all this noise and banging and cheering in the mall.  We go out and there's a dragon running around:). 

They ended up bringing the dragon out for pictures and I got Jasper to pose with them:)

Happy day of the money gods!:)

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Karl said...

I don't get it . . . is the Ikea in China there for selling stuff? - or just being a tourist stop? What does management think of people 'moving in' to their store? crazy crazy :)