Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You Quirky Country, You!

So - by the popularity of my Chinese IKEA post - I now give you the further oddities of China...
WARNING - some of this is not for the faint of heart!....

Potty Training Chinese Style...
This is the complete truth - I witnessed it!  The whole nation of China potty trains their babies in a very unique manner.
The babies have these pants that they wear that has a hole in the butt.  During potty training this butt hole is never ever covered so even in the winter they're all bundled up - except for their butts!  Everywhere they go - butt hole open!

So when they want the babies to go they put them on the ground and then whistle in their ear - and they squat down and go wherever they may be .... Street, sidewalk, garden..... They literally train their babies by a whistle!

Julie said that they all joke there that the adults have incontinence problems because whenever someone calls their dog or is just absent mindedly whistling a tune - ah!:)

Dear Sir - Why Is Your Pinky Nail So Long?
This is the honest truth!  I kid you not!  It's always handy to keep that one long nail in case your nose or ears need a good cleaning out!  That's all Ill say!

The Strange Tastes Of The Chinese
Don't you love going to the movies just to get the popcorn.  Or a baseball game to get hot dogs!  Well, if you were in China you'd be looking forward to these things because you'd be snacking on delicious, healthy chicken feet!  Buy them in presealed bags, in boxes freshly fried or just fresh!

And no Chinese meal is complete without a great plate full of duck feet!  Tasty when dipped in knock your sinuses clean mustard sauce!  Rubbery, yet crunchy!  All your taste sensations will be satisfied! Here in China - they don't waste any of the bird!

These are the top three Chinese oddities that I favor... If I think of more that blow my mind - I will indeed update!

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