Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Boring Week

Pretty much a boring week until Tuesday when I left the cold of Chicago and headed to Kansas City to be greeted by the sun, skies of blue and temps in the 50s!

Got to spend the night (actually two!) with Brittany!  

And came home to her place the first night after dinner to find that her beau, Arthur, was trying to kiss up to old aunt Alison!  (I think it worked...:)

Drove to Omaha on Wednesday via the boring drive - but lots of time to podcast and contemplate and pray and podcast some more!

After my meetings in Omaha I had to stop at my favorite Omaha location!

And then jumped in the car, rolled the windows down and enjoyed crazy temps in the way back to Kansas City!

Got to do dinner with Arthur and Brittany on Wednesday night.  I think I'm the first person in the fam to meet him!  Two thumbs up!:). (Sorry I'm stealing your photo Britt but - the world needs to see you and "your man"!)

Headed home this morning for office and some meetings then dinner with some friends tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday with - Sean!

A boring week indeed...

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