Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Green Mill

Friday night Kim and another friend Steve invited Sean and I down to a jazz club in their area called the Green Mill.  
It's an older club that looks it.  But it's apparently an historical club with clients from the likes of Frank Sinatra to Al Capone - at least that's what Steve tells us and he knows his Chicago history so I'm believing him!

We got there around 6 and there was a jazz organist (interesting but he was actually good) and a jazz guitarist.  They played until 8 and then at 9 the "special" music starred with a band consisting of bass, piano,drums, trombone and a guy who plays saxophone and clarinet.  Great music!

So even though the place was a little divey and you had to bring your own food in - it's probably an experience that I would repeat!

Good friends and good music!  Winner Friday night!

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