Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Need It!

It's back to the office this week!  It feels good to actually be back, kind of, but then it makes me appreciate the small things in life that get you through the week - things like very strong cups of coffee!:). Well, technically extra hot breve lattes... They go a long way when you're sitting in long meetings where they're discussing pallet configurations and ship dates and changing SDS.

Happy work week!!!!
Is it the weekend yet?:)

On the plus side - I'm muddling through this day with a little more excitement as I get to pick up my "special" "friend" from the airport tonight!!!  Sean has been in the UK for the holidays - two whole weeks without a Sean fix!  Ah!  But, cold weather be darned!  I'm at the international terminal at 6:30 pm sharp tonight!

Coffee and Sean!  I'm calling them good addictions!  It's how I get through a cold Tuesday!  

Back to the cube!

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